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05 February 2019

Thank you for visiting our website and checking the news page.

Do look at our newsletter to see what we are getting up to in the practice and for any enquires please call us on 0208 579 3241.

We would love to hear from you.

The Hynes Team

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Opening hours ......

24 December 2017

Opening Hours over the holiday period

Christmas Eve: CLOSED
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED
27th Dec: 9.30 – 5.00
28th Dec: 9.30 – 6.00
29th Dec: 9.30 – 6.00
30th Dec: 9.00 – 4.00
New Years Eve: CLOSED
New Years Day: CLOSED
2nd Jan 2018: Business as usual.

© 2017

Thank You ...........

24 December 2017

Thank you from Hynes Optometrists 2017

How delightful it is to receive so many Christmas gifts. Leaving aside that we are all going to increase one waist size by the time we get through all these goodies, your kindness and thoughtfulness is much appreciated by the Team.
A big thank you from us all and we hope to see you in the New Year.

© 2017

Happy Christmas from the Hynes Team

24 December 2017

Happy Christmas from Hynes Optometrists

Happy Christmas to you all. We have had a busy 2017 thanks to your support and look forward to a few restful days ahead.
Our best wishes to you and may you and your families have a happy and restful time too.
We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

Opening Hours over the holiday period
Christmas Eve: CLOSED
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED
27th Dec: 9.30 – 5.00
28th Dec: 9.30 – 6.00
29th Dec: 9.30 – 6.00
30th Dec: 9.00 – 4.00
New Years Eve: CLOSED
New Years Day: CLOSED
2nd Jan 2018: Business as usual.

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Lindberg promotion was a buzz!

18 November 2017

lindberg at Hynes Optometrists 2017 lindberg at Hynes Optometrists 2017/2
Lindberg at Hynes Optometrists 2017 lindberg at Hynes Optometrists 2017/3

It was cold and wet outside but in the Practice it was a buzz with coffee and cake and lots of lovely frames to have fun with. Vibeke as usual stole the show with her creative ideas with colour and shape.
Thanks to everyone who came and made it a successful day.

© 2017

Congratulations Dr Nilpa Shah

14 November 2017

nilpa at hynes optometrists
nilpa at hynes optometrists
After years of intense research and study we are proud to announce that Nilpa passed her PhD viva with flying colours.
And our sincere thanks to all our patients who helped her with her data collection over the past few years. She would not have been able to do it without you.

© 2017

October is Giving Sight month

09 November 2017

October Raffle at Hynes Optometrists
Every October Sandra makes a fun hamper to raise funds for one of our practice charities – Optometry Giving Sight. Thanks to your amazing support and generosity we raised £150 this year, adding to the £6000+ we have raised over the years.

© 2017

Tracey's mission to the Maasai District in Kenya

17 October 2017

Tracey from Hynes Optometrists in Kenya
Tracey is pictured here with two Maasai women when she visited Orlote recently.
“I had a great week in Orlote, Kenya seeing over a hundred patients and dispensing 70 pairs of spectacles. Thank you to everyone who donated their old spectacles. I can’t wait to go back!”

© 2017

Linda celebrates 25 years with the Hynes Team

30 September 2017

Linda at Hynes 25 years
How time flies! It does not seem possible that Linda joined the Hynes Team 25 years ago. So we did what we do well – had a surprise party to celebrate.
As Linda’s journey with us started in the house practice, we decided to have a garden party at home. As many of you know, Linda is a talented pianist and loves jazz music. To add to the party spirit we had a jazz band too – thanks to Tracy and David and the Mojos for the wonderful music that evening.

Much to our delight, Linda was truly surprised to see her family, Maureen our first ever receptionist who managed to get here from Wales, the Hynes Team of course and two of our lovely reps Parm and Nayna.

It was a wonderful evening all round with extra surprises all evening which had Linda gasping with delight.

I am sure you will all join me in Congratulating Linda on this great milestone.

Joy Hynes

© 2017

Another successful and busy Lindberg Day

01 April 2017

Lindberg Hynes Optometrists 1
Lindberg Hynes Optometrists 2 Lindberg Hynes Optometrists 3

The weather brightened as we got busier today with Vibeke at the helm and the rest of us buzzing around the fantastic Lindberg range of lightweight stylish frames in a myriad of style and colours. As one gentleman commented “Hynes is like a busy market place today”.
Thank you to Vibeke for her energy and enthusiasm, and to everyone who attended to make it a great day all round.

And thanks to your generosity our raffle raised £40 for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

© 2017

Red Nose Day Coffee morning

24 March 2017

Red Nose at Hynes Optometrists
Red Nose at Hynes Optometrists 2
Red Nose at Hynes Optometrists 3

This morning we raised £100 for Red Nose Day. Sitting around the table we drank lots of tea and coffee, nearly polished off all the cakes and made a lot of noise with all our laughter. We also took this “golden” opportunity to congratulate William and Muriel on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Thank you to all for your support.

© 2017

Come and have a go....

14 February 2017

Contact Lenses at Hynes Optometrists

Curious to know what it feels like to handle contact lenses or to have one in your eye?

Have a go on Sat 4th March.

All ages welcome. Just for fun and it’s FREE.

© 2017

The Hynes Team in large print!

05 February 2017

Hynes Optometrists and the AOP Hynes Optometrists and the AOP
Last year following our fabulous refurbishment of the Practice our professional body The Association of Optometrists asked if we would help them with a photoshoot for their advertising and promotional material. For us it was a fun day at work. But now we keep seeing the Hynes Team in large print wherever the AOP exhibit and it really is quite delightful. So here we are again at 100% Optical today.

© 2017

Frames extravaganza at 100% Optical

05 February 2017

Face a Face at Hynes Optometrists Booth & Bruce at Hynes Optometrists
Joy and Linda had a great morning at 100% Optical looking at and trying on new collections before buying. Look out for new collections from French designer Face a Face and English designers Booth & Bruce in Practice very soon.

© 2017

Facebook and Instagram

26 January 2017

A few months ago we decided that the time had come to embrace social media.
After much discussion we voted Asif to manage both the Facebook and Instagram pages and he is doing a great job.

Like us, Follow us, Review us ………..it’s all good!

© 2017

The importance of young children's eyecare

26 January 2017

Children eyes - Hynes Optometrists

Children do not know if they see clearly or not – they accept what they see as normal. It is vital that they have their eyes checked regularly. Recent research shows that myopia is now twice as prevalent among children as it was in the 1960s. Undiagnosed sight problems can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to perform at school.

All children under 16 are entitled to a free NHS funded sight test, as are young people under 19 and in full time education.

© 2017

Ready for the slopes

20 January 2017

ski goggles

Maurice is ready for the ski slopes with his fabulous Adidas Evil Eye ski goggles.

We have a great selection of goggles for different sports – come and have a chat with us and try some on.

© 2017

Adidas comes to Northfield Av

15 January 2017

Adidas - Hynes Optometrists
adidas - Hynes Optometrists
Adidas - Hynes Optometrists

It was a dull day outside, but we had a great day with Nayna showcasing the Adidas Sports and Silhouette collection today.
A great opportunity to try on different frames whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and cake.

Our next promotion is on the 1st April when Vibeke will be here with the Lindberg collection. By appointment only so book early to avoid disappointment.

© 2017

Contact Lens Comfort Trial Day

13 January 2017

Cl Day - Hynes Optometrists

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Teens contact lens trial morning today. It is always very rewarding to help so many teens experience what it is like to see clearly with our glasses.

Here are some of the quotes from the children who attended:
“ This feels different”
“I can see clearly with our screwing up my eyes”
“My eyes feel normal”
“This is amazing”

Want to have a go? Call us and add your name to the list for Sat 4th March 2017.

© 2017

Glaucoma Awareness

06 January 2017

Glaucoma - Hynes Optometrists

January is Glaucoma Awareness month

As one of the leading causes of preventable blindness, glaucoma presents no early symptoms and it is often reached an advanced stage at the time a person recognises that there is a problem with their eyes.

Take action and have your eyes tested regularly.

Early detection and treatment can help to prevent early sight loss.

© 2017

Happy New Year 2017

01 January 2017

Happy New Year from Hynes Optometrists

Our best wishes to you all for a Happy and Peaceful New Year 2017.
Last year was a very busy year for the Hynes Team all thanks to your continued support.

This year the Practice looks forward to celebrating 35 years of providing excellent eye care to our local community. We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to many more.

Joy Hynes and the Hynes Team

© 2017

Hynes Team letting our hair down!

04 December 2016

Christmas - Hynes Optometrists Christmas - Hynes Optometrists

Last year we experienced a very sober Christmas party at Dans le Noir, celebrating in the pitch dark of the restaurant. It made us truly thankful for our gift of sight.

This year was a much more lighthearted affair – enjoying a delicious lunch at the Wharf restaurant at Teddington Lock, listening to and dancing to music by our patients Tracy and Dave’s Mojo Jazz Band. Definitely to be recommended……….

© 2016

Children need to have regular eye checks

10 April 2016

Hynes Optometrists and Rupa Huq

Rupa Huq MP pictured here with Ealing and Hounslow Local Optical Committee Chair, Joy Hynes, and some of the practice’s younger patients

This is the Press release from our local MPs visit to the Practice.

Ealing Central and Acton MP, Rupa Huq, highlights the need for children to have regular sight tests

On Tuesday 29th March, Rupa visited an Optical Practice in her constituency to meet with some of the practices younger patients, and chair of the Ealing and Hounslow Local Optical Committee, Joy Hynes, to discuss why it’s so vital for children to have sight tests.

Recently published research, jointly funded by the University of Ulster and the College of Optometrists , highlights the increasing prevalence of myopia – or short-sightedness – in children in the UK. The research shows that myopia is now twice as prevalent among children as it was in the 1960s.
The research shows that it’s more important than ever for children to have a sight test, to pick up any eye problems at an early age.

Rupa Huq MP said: “Of course, it’s essential that everyone has a regular sight test – every two years, or more often if your optometrist recommends – but I’m here to particularly encourage parents and guardians to make sure that if their child has not had a recent sight test, they book them in for one, as undiagnosed sight problems can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to perform well at school.”

Joy Hynes, Chair of the Ealing and Hounslow Local Optical Committee, said: “It’s very important for children to have regular sight tests from around the age of three. At that age, if a problem such as a squint or lazy eye is detected, treatment can be very effective, but it becomes much harder to treat these conditions after the age of 7.
“Parents and guardians need to be made more aware of the importance of regular eye care, as children may not realise that there is a problem with their vision, and accept that what they see is normal. And remember, children do not need to be able to read to have a sight test.”

Rachel Robinson, mother of William, aged 4 and pictured above, said: “I noticed that William, who is very bright and articulate, was having difficulty identifying objects, so I booked him in for an sight test when he was two, and it detected that he is short-sighted. The fact that his grandmother is an eye health professional possibly meant we were more aware of the potential cause, and of the need to have regular sight tests.”

All children under 16 are entitled to a free, NHS-funded sight test, as are young people who are under 19 and in full-time education. Furthermore, if the sight test reveals a vision problem, the child will be given a voucher to help with the cost of glasses.

© 2016

Myopia in children has 'more than doubled'

20 March 2016

The prevalence of myopia among children in the UK has more than doubled over the last 50 years according to research findings released jointly by the College of Optometrist and Ulster University.

- a child with one myopic parent is at least three times more likely to be myopic
- myopia is most likely to occur between the ages of 6 and 13 years
- the lifestyle of children has changed: they are playing outdoors much less

Early intervention can help slow down further increases in myopia, so sight tests in children at most risk of developing myopia are very important.

When did your child last have a sight test? Call us on 0208 579 3241 to make an appointment.

Joy Hynes

© 2016

Dr Rupa Huq visits community practice

04 March 2016

Hynes Optometrists with Dr Rupa Huq

As Chair of the Local Optometric Committee (LOC) for Ealing I welcomed our local Member of Parliament Dr Rupa Huq to the Practice today.

The purpose of the visit was to highlight the importance of good quality eyecare available to the local community on the high street.

At a time when Hospital resources are stretched the LOC is trying to keep lines of communication open with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with regards to providing certain services locally in the community.

A key issue is screening children’s eyes before or as soon as they start school – this services was removed several years ago and we are trying very hard to get it re-instated in Ealing. Good eyesight is very important if children are to progress well in school.

© 2016 Joy Hynes

Coffee Morning for CBM and Guide Dogs

01 March 2016

Hynes Coffee Morning

Today we had a coffee morning and raised a total of £100 for Christian Blind Mission who do wonderful work overseas helping people with sight problems, and very familiar to us Guide Dogs for the Blind who rely entirely on public donations to carry out the amazing work that they do.
The photograph was taken by one of our patients Gill Shaw, a professional photographer who took us all by surprise when she rushed into the practice (on her way to an assignment) took several photos and then disappeared.
Thank You Gill!
And of course thank you to everyone who joined us today and for your continued generosity.

Joy Hynes

© 2016

New BlephEx treatment in our Dry Eye Clinic

18 February 2016

BlephEx - Hynes Optometrists

Linda and myself attended a Trade Show at the Excel Centre last week and my first port of call was to a company demonstrating a new dry eye technique using an instrument called BlephEx. Using a rotating cleaning sponge it cleans the area around the eyelash collarettes and the blocked glands on the lid margins.

The machine arrived today and I volunteered (to the amazement of the Staff who know how sensitive I am to anyone touching my eyes!) to have my lids and lashes treated by Asif. I have suffered from anterior blepharitis and dry eyes for several years and though I try and keep it in check as best I can, I have never really got on top of it. The treatment took about 5mins each eye and as Asif had instilled local anaesthetic, the only sensation was a tickle on the lids.

Asif took before and after photos and I was amazed at the difference of the appearance of my lashes after the treatment.

Joy before- Hynes Optometrists
Joy After - Hynes Optometrists

How did my eyes feel after the treatment? No pain or discomfort and having clean lashes was great.

We now have a dedicated Dry Eye Clinic run by Asif. For more information on dry or even watery eyes please click on the Dry Eye section on our Home page.

To make an appointment with Asif, call the Practice on 0208 579 3241 and ask for a Dry Eye Assessment.

© 2016 Joy Hynes

OCT scan helped make an urgent diagnosis

18 February 2016

Yesterday a patient attended for an eye examination complaining of constant migraine headaches. Even as she sat in the chair she felt unwell.
Asif Tufail looked at her OCT scans, compared the Optic Nerves from her last visit in 2014 to the present images and immediately suspected a condition called papilloedema – raised intracranial pressure – and referred her as an emergency to A & E.
She had an MRI and was scheduled for a spinal tap to relieve the pressure on the brain.

Being able to capture images of the retina is invaluable in such circumstances and emphasises the importance of excellent eyecare.

Joy Hynes

© 2016

Our sponsored Guide Dog "Dasher"

11 February 2016

Dasher - Hynes Optometrists
Dasher is just over a year old and has started school with his new trainer Sam. He has only been in the kennels for the past three weeks but has adapted quickly.
As his trainer Sam says “ he is a very gentle, willing and responsive boy and is easy to win over with treats and toys”.

Dasher is off to a great start with his training and we look forward to our next update in June.

The guide dog service receives no government funding, so without regular gifts from the public the service would not be able to provide freedom and independence to the thousands of people who have lost their sight and rely on them.

Joy Hynes

© 2016

Newly refurbished Practice

01 January 2016

refurb 1- hynes optometrists refurb 2 - hynes optometrists refurb 3 - hynes optometrists refurb 4 - hynes optometrists

The refurbishment started in January 2015 when the builders moved in to do the back extension. This entailed dust and noise but as the work was being carried out outside it did not impact on the workings of the practice.
In April we moved the whole of the front of the practice to the back – Suzanne and Laura had the glamorous position of working in the corridor whilst the rest of us, patients included weaved through the rooms in a daze.
It took one month for the reception area to be modified – old floor removed, step and ramp taken away, new floor installed and tiled, plaster work made good, all the decorating to be completed etc.
In early May the practice shop fitters Mewscraft from Monmouth moved in for two days and by the time they left the reception area was transformed into the amazing space that you see today.

My thanks go to the Hynes Team for working patiently in difficult conditions, to all the patients who were very graceful about the chaos that surrounded them and who thanked us for keeping our usual hours right through the refurbishment. To the entire building team – builders, plumbers, electricians who knew that we were working to a deadline and made sure that the work did not fall behind by even one day!

Today we have a beautiful space to work in – the compliments continue to flow which is very gratifying.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Practice whether as a returning patient or as a new patient.

For more images of before and after :

© 2016 Joy Hynes

Celebrating the newly refurbished Practice

19 December 2015

Invite-Hynes Optometrists
Happy Christmas - Hynes Optometrists
Party - Hynes Optometrists
Party - Hynes Optometrists
Who needs an excuse to have a drinks party? We had an Open House today and were delighted to welcome so many of you who were able to spare a few minutes at this busy time before Christmas.
The Hynes Team were proud to show off the newly refurbished Practice to one and all, and to say thank you to all patients for your support through the years.
We also thought you would like to see how we have progressed from when Colin and myself started the practice in his parents spare room to present day.
Thank you to all who agreed that the staff have not aged at all in all these years……
Here’s to the next 30 years.

Happy Christmas to you all and the Very Best for 2016

© 2015 Joy Hynes

Trainee Dispensing Optician joins the Team

09 December 2015

Shahehna - Hynes Optometrists
We would like to introduce the newest addition to the Hynes Team – Shahehna Begum. Following her Degree in Business Management she decided to retrain as a Dispensing Optician. Alongside studying at City and Islington College she is getting her practical experience in the Practice.

This is our first trainee and we are delighted to welcome Shahehna to Hynes Optometrists.

© 2015

Eye drop chemical dissolves cataract

14 November 2015

Whilst reading through one of our journals Tracey came across this article about some US researchers who have discovered a compound which clears the protein clumps associated with cataracts and stops them from forming.
This makes very interesting reading and if successful would have resounding results worldwide.

Researchers in the US have identified a chemical which dissolves the protein clumps of cataracts, which could potentially form the basis of an eye drop treatment.
Cataract occurs when the crystallin proteins of the lens lose their ordered structure and form clumps. In a healthy lens, crystallins maintain their ordered transparent structure, while being able to flex and stretch, due to chaperon proteins which sit in between them. But as the eye ages, or in inherited conditions, the crystallin proteins become misfolded, forming persistent amyloid clumps which make the lens cloudy.
While cataract operations are a common day procedure in the UK, the World Health Organization lists the condition as a ‘priority eye disease’ which is responsible for an estimated 51% of blindness worldwide.
One of the compounds, named ‘compound 29,’ was found to prevent crystallins from forming clumps in laboratory tests, and even dissolved clumps of protein which had already formed.
When delivered via eye drops, compound 29 was shown to reduce the cloudiness of the lenses in mice predisposed to cataracts. Similar results were seen when the compound was tested on human cataractous lens tissue, removed during surgery.
“We are starting to understand the mechanism in detail,” said Dr Jason Gestwicki, associate professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at UCSF and senior author on the study, adding; “We know where compound 29 binds, and we are beginning to know exactly what it’s doing.”
Earlier this year, researchers in China and the US identified another sterol, lanosterol, as having potential to be the first in a new class of drug to treat cataracts after successful animal experiments in dogs and rabbits.
A postdoctoral fellow in Dr Gestwicki’s lab, and lead author of the latest study, Leah Makely, is founder and chief scientific officer of ViewPoint Therapeutics, which is actively developing compound 29 for human use.
The findings raise the possibility of using sterols, such as compound 29, in neurological conditions involving protein clumps, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
Dr Gestwicki said: “By studying cataracts we’ve been able to benchmark our technologies and to show by proof-of-concept that these technologies could be used in nervous system diseases, to lead us all the way from the first idea to a drug we can test in clinical trials.”
The research is published in the journal Science.

© 2015

October is Giving Sight month

30 October 2015

October Giving Sight Hamper winner
Thank you to everyone who very generously supported our Hamper raffle and bead bracelets and helped us raise £235.
Together with a Practice donation, we sent Optometry Giving Sight a cheque for £535.
How donations can help:
- £5 can provide a person with an eye test and spectacles
- £50 can help provide a study kit to an optometry student
- £472 can pay for a month’s training for an Optometry technician
- £9056 can fund the equipment and raw materials needed to establish a new Vision Centre
My thanks as always also goes to the great Team effort that makes our fundraising successful.

We are proud to tell you that we have received the PLATINUM Award for the fourth year running (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015) for raising the most money for Optometry Giving Sight nationally.


© 2015 Joy Hynes

Coffee Morning for RNIB

13 October 2015

RNIB - Hynes Optometrists 2015
Our Coffee Morning today raised £150 for Royal National Institute for the Blind. One of our loyal patients John Herriott is a staunch supporter of the RNIB, so we thought it would be a good excuse to have a cup of coffee, eat some homemade cake and raise some money.
Thank you to everyone who attended – our regulars and first timers!

Our next Coffee Morning is on Tuesday 1st March 2016 in aid of CBM (Christian Blind Mission) and Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Do join us…………..

© 2015 Joy Hynes

Edyta Agnihotri joins the Dispensing Team

07 September 2015

Edyta - Hynes Optometrists
Edyta joins Linda and Pauline as the new addition to the Dispensing Team.
She qualified about 6 years ago and has returned to work after having a career break with her young children.
We welcome her to the Hynes Team and wish her many happy times working with us.

© 2015 Joy Hynes

We raised £2,200 for Alzheimer's Society

11 September 2015

Memory Walk 2015

Suzanne, Sandra and her son Sacha, and myself completed the 7Km Memory Walk on the 7th September. Our walk started at the Tower of London and we enjoyed the sights around the City. Thanks to patients, family and friends we raised £2,200 for Alzheimer’s Society. This is the disease of our generation and its consequences are devastating to the people who suffer from dementia and their care givers.
Joy Hynes

© 2015

Most spectacular eclipse of the sun for 15 years

17 March 2015

Friday morning will see the most spectacular eclipse of the sun for 15 years, in a rare astronomical alignment as the Moon will pass directly between the sun and the Earth, blocking out most of the light. Viewers in the UK will witness a partial eclipse of at least 80%, depending upon location.

Don’t lose sight of your eyes during the eclipse

Here are a few top tips to ensure that the public view the eclipse safely without damaging their eyes:

1. Never look directly at the sun or use any instruments like binoculars, telescopes or cameras to view the sun directly. Doing so can permanently damage your eyesight.

2. The only safe way to view the eclipse is indirectly, through a device such as a pinhole projector. This cheap and easy method projects the sun’s image onto a screen, such as a sheet of white paper or cardboard.

3. Never point an unprotected camera lens at the sun as this can cause permanent damage to the camera and to your eyes. To take photos of the sun without damaging your camera, you will need to use a solar filter recommended by your camera manufacturer.

The only safe way to view the sun is indirectly and perhaps the best way to get a good view is to watch it on television.

© 2015

Comic Relief Coffee Morning

13 March 2015

Comic Relief Red Noses
What a noisy bunch of people we entertained at our Coffee Morning today and in the process we raised £105.
Thank you everyone who made this possible.

© 2015

Optometry Giving Sight Platinum Award Winner 2015 - for the 3rd Year running

01 March 2015

OGS Award 2015
We were delighted to receive the Platinum Award for the third year running for raising the highest total nationally in 2014.
Thank you to Mums, Dads, Grandparents and children who supported our Coffee Mornings, Christmas Cake raffle, Summer Fun Day event, Halloween raffle etc through 2014 and helped us raise £1600.
And a big thank you to my Team for their enthusiasm, without which none of this would be possible.
We have lots of fun along the way and look forward to doing as well this year.

Joy Hynes

© 2015

Christmas Cake winner 2014

20 December 2014

Hynes Christmas Cake winner 2014

Congratulations to Sally Pickles, the lucky winner of our Christmas Cake this year.
The raffle raised £325 for our practice charity “Optometry Giving Sight”.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing generosity.
And a Merry Christmas to you all!

© 2014

Optometry Giving Sight Coffee Morning

17 October 2014

Our annual Giving Sight coffee morning was so well supported that we raised £203.50 in just two hours. On sale was home made plum jam and a good selection of second hand good in excellent condition. As usual the Victoria sponge was a winner but the Oat and Raison cookies disappeared too.
Thank you to everyone who generously supported this wonderful cause.

© 2014

Hynes Team attend Silhouette 50th Anniversary celebrations

25 September 2014

We were delighted to be invited to the 50th Anniversary party held at the Austrian Ambassadors Residence in Belgravia Square. An opportunity to sample delicious Austrian canapés washed down delicately with champagne! Later on in the evening we ambled around the corner to a private club to chill, mingle a bit more and show off our dance moves…….
Our Congratulations to Silhouette and we wish them every success for the next 50 years.

© 2014

National Eye Health Week

20 September 2014

Tracey and Joy manned a voluntary table in Ealing Broadway Centre in support of National Eye Health Week. * Vision matters* and there was plenty of information available on the day on subjects such as smoking effects on the eye, VDUs and the eye, good diet tips, importance of regular eye tests for everyone but especially for young children…..
One of Ealing’s blind resident demonstrated some amazing electronic gadgets which helps him manage his daily life.
It must be said the guide dog was the main attraction – she lapped up all the attention that was showered on her!

© 2014

Northfield Av Summer Fun Day

12 July 2014

We were lucky to have a hot summers day for the Northfield Avenue Fun Day.
The main attraction at Hynes was the Hook-a-Duck which attracted over 120 children; some who wanted to sit in the water!
Our block also sponsored an entertainer, who dressed as a clown blowing balloon shapes was a great hit with the children.
In total the traders raised nearly £2000 which was donated equally to the Log Cabin and Springhallows School.
We look forward to yet another successful event next year.

© 2014

Coffee Morning today raised £300 for Missionaries of Africa

21 March 2014

Our Coffee morning today was for a very special person. This is my story…..

“In August last year Brother Trevor was recommended to see me as he was having difficulty with his vision. He was on home leave from his Mission in Ghana where his workshop produces bicycles for the disabled.

He is a delightful man and when I realised that all he needed was cataract surgery to improve his vision, I wrote to the GP explaining the unusual circumstances and the need for speed as Br Trevor was here for only a few short weeks. To cut a long story short the staff and surgeon at Moorfields did a lot of juggling and by October he had had both cataracts done, got his new spectacles from us and was on his way back to Ghana.

Imagine our delight when we received a lovely letter from him thanking us for all that we had done for him. But even better was to hear that whilst he had been away for longer than had been anticipated, the men in his workshop had adapted 50 bicycles for the disabled.

Now we would like to surprise him with a cash gift to use in his workshop.”

The photos show us having a jolly time and enjoying the home made cakes.
It was also a good opportunity to give a demonstration of our prize of the vision testing kit for babies and young children -it was received with much fascination!

Thank you to all who supported this wonderful cause, and for your amazing generosity. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Br Trevor receives our gift.

© 2014 Joy Hynes

Receiving our Prize for being Top Practice for the 2nd Year running

21 March 2014

Joy Hynes receiving the prize from Sandra from Optometry Giving Sight
Sandra from Optometry Giving Sight presenting the Prize to Joy

We were thrilled to receive the prize for raising the most money from a total of about 300 practices nationally. Last year we raised £800 and won an iPad. This year having raised £1060, we have won a Cardiff Acuity vision testing kit for use with babies and young children. Though we have had one for many years, it is good to have a new updated version.

Our thanks to Sandra from Optometry Giving Sight who joined our Coffee Morning today and took the opportunity to speak to many of our patients who through their support and generosity made this Award and prize happen.

So now we are looking for more fund-raising ideas to get us on track for 3rd year running! All ideas most welcome……

Joy Hynes

© 2014

World Sight Day Challenge Platinum Award 2013

18 March 2014

We are the proud winners of the Platinum Award for the second year running!

Thanks to the support of our patients, and the enthusiasm of the Hynes Team we raised £1060 in 2013 through Coffee Mornings, Halloween raffle for children, the legendary Christmas Cake raffle etc.

Since 2007 Optometry Giving Sight has allocated more than US8 million to 67 projects in 38 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, and Vision Care for the Homeless in the UK. This has enabled the training of more than 2200 local people to be eye care professionals, the establishment of over 1100 vision centres and optical laboratories and the eye care provision for over 4 million people.

Here’s to yet another successful year 2014.

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Pauline Mbire joins the Hynes Team

06 March 2014

hynes optometrists 12

We are delighted to introduce Pauline, our new member to the Hynes Team. Having qualified 3 years ago she brings new ideas and innovation to the dispensing team and her bubbly character and enthusiasm is infectious.
Pauline and myself met when we worked together for the charity “Vision Care for the Homeless” in Shepherds Bush. It really is a pleasure to have her working with us now.

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Tracey Gauld joins the Hynes Team

10 February 2014

We are delighted to welcome Tracey to the Hynes Team. With 26 years of optometric practice in the Community she brings a wealth of experience to our Team. Besides having a Specialist interest in Glaucoma and working in the Moorfields Outreach Glaucoma Clinic at Ealing Hospital, she has also recently set up an excellent Domiciliary service for patients who are housebound.

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Julian collects his 50th pair of spectacles...

10 February 2014

Hynes Optometrists 12

Great excitement when Julian collected his 50th pair of spectacles today. Our thanks to Julian for his loyalty to Hynes for the past 20 years and we look forward to the next 20!

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Google tests "smart" contact lenses for diabetes

10 February 2014

Google is testing prototypes of a smart contact lens for people with diabetes. Using micro sensors and circuitry built into the soft shell, the smart lenses measure glucose levels in the tears of the wearer.

The developers have plans to expand the project and say that incorporating an LED could be used to provide an early warning system if glucose concentrations stray beyond healthy levels.

Currently, the standard daily practice for those living with the condition involves pricking the skin to measure sugar levels in the blood, but the smart lenses could provide a less invasive method.

The technology could potentially be combined with a smartphone app to monitor the wearer’s glucose levels, and potentially remind them of meal times or alerting them to high or low levels.

An estimated 3 million people in the UK are thought to have diabetes, with the more common type 2 form accounting for around 90%. It is expected to become more prevalent in the UK, and the World Health Organization predicts that it will become the seventh leading cause of death globally by 2030.

In a statement on the Diabetes UK website, Simon O’Neil, director of health intelligence, said: “…we welcome any investment in new technology that might one day have the potential to make this easier for people, or to offer them choice.”

There are currently no details of timelines or how much the smart lenses might cost.

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23 December 2013

Hynes Optometrists cake 2013

Congratulations to Lesley Burgess, the lucky winner of our very popular Christmas Cake raffle.

With the support of everyone who bought a ticket we raised £200 for our practice charity Optometry Giving Sight.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2014

20 December 2013

Hynes Optometrists SG

We wish all our patients a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2014.

Thank you for your support in 2013 and we look forward to seeing you again in 2014.

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New Glaucoma Campaign launched

12 September 2013

The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) has launched a new advertising campaign which aims to highlight the importance of regular eye tests to prevent sight loss as a result of glaucoma.

The campaign will focus on the increased risk for glaucoma for the over 40s, as well as the increased risk for people with diabetes or who are short-sighted.

IGA CEO, Russell Young, said: “This campaign is aimed at reaching some of the estimated 300,000 people with undiagnosed glaucoma in the UK. With no symptoms in its early stages, most members of the public have little, or no knowledge, of the damage that undetected glaucoma can have on their sight. Once sight is lost, it is never recovered. We hope that this campaign will act as a wake-up call and encourage people to book an eye test, or to call our helpline and speak to our advisers about the health of their eyes.”

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Can your child see properly?

02 September 2013

Poor eyesight can have a significant effect on children’s ability to learn and on their behaviour – yet often goes unrecognised by teachers, parents and by children themselves. Children may not be aware or may not be able to explain their vision difficulties and – as a parent – you may not notice any problems.

The sooner that vision problems are detected – the better the outcome. Many childhood eye conditions, such as lazy eye and squint, can be treated if they are picked up early – as the eye and visual system are actively developing during the school years. If vision problems are identified and treated, it can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Include a sight test in your ‘back to school’ routine

Hynes Optometrists bts

A sight test is free – why not have one? Including a sight test in your back to school routine is a great way to ensure that your child’s vision is not forgotten about. Sight tests are free for all children under the age of 16. Optometrists in the community are qualified to examine the eyes of all children, paid for by the NHS. Help towards the cost of glasses is also available on the NHS for all children. Toddlers and young children do not need to be able to read, as an eye examination can be carried out using pictures.

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Guide Dogs Coffee morning....

29 July 2013

Our recent Coffee morning raised just over £100 for Guide Dogs. Thanks to everyone who supported us – we have helped sponsor a puppy called Flint.

Our next Big Coffee Morning is on Saturday 14th September raising money for our practice charity “Optometry Giving Sight”. Over the past 5 years we have raised over £4000 for this charity and last year we were awarded Associate Practice of Optometry Giving Sight in recognition of our top level of support.

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An important message for all contact lens wearers

27 July 2013

Summer holidays and swimming go hand in hand. We are frequently asked by our contact lens wearers about swimming in their lenses. Our best advice is not to use contact lenses when swimming in a pool or in the sea for the simple reason that both are a source of bacterial contamination and possible subsequent serious eye infection. The same applies to not allowing tap water to come in contact with the lenses or the case.

A few simple Do’s and Don’ts with your Contact Lenses
- never use tap water with your lenses
- do not swim with your lenses in
- use soaking solution to clean your case
- use fresh solution daily
- if you get a red eye – seek advice. If in doubt, take it out.

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Bring out those sunglasses now that summer has arrived!

10 July 2013

We all know of the importance of protecting our skin against the adverse effects of sunlight, but perhaps are not as aware of the effects of solar radiation on our eyes and the need for adequate protection.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is greatest during the summer months and around noon daily. We need moderate UV radiation exposure to the skin to generate Vitamin D. However excessive amounts have been shown to lead to various skin problems including cancer, and eye problems including cataracts, pterygia and possibly age related macular degeneration.

The two main forms of UV protection for the eyes are sunglasses and contact lenses. UV-blocking contact lenses offer effective protection for people requiring an ocular correction, and are excellent for outdoor activities. However they do not offer protection for the other structures of the eyes including the eyelids.

Sunglasses are the other effective method of protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The lenses must have a UV block and the frame style should be close-fitting and wraparound.

Recent studies have shown that increased time spent outdoors may have a protective effect against childhood myopia, but this will also contribute to greater lifetime exposure to UV radiation. As the crystalline lens in young eyes transmits a higher proportion of harmful radiation to the retina and the effects are cumulative, eye protection should be started at a young age.

At Hynes Optometrists we recommend Acuvue contact lenses which are the world’s leading brand of UV blocking lenses.
Come in and view our excellent range of good quality sunglasses with a large selection of wraparounds from Maui Jim – one of the best sunglasses you will ever wear.

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New eye pressure test introduced at Hynes Optometrists

03 July 2013

Hynes Optometrists have introduced a new eye pressure test – the I care – which was designed in Finland and is faster, more accurate and more comfortable than the “puff of air” method used previously.

The new test does not need the use of eye drops and we have received many favourable comments on how gentle it is on the eye.

If you found the old method uncomfortable, see the difference for yourself when you have the new I care test.

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Join us for a Coffee Morning and help us raise money for charity.

01 May 2013

On the 8th March we had a Coffee Morning, donned on our Red Noses and raised £200. In April we raised £85 for Cancer Research. Our charity for the May coffee morning is Guide Dogs for the Blind. Would you like to join us and help raise money for charity?

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Lindberg and Nikon were back!

20 April 2013

Our thanks to Vibeke who showcased the NEW Lindberg collection and Parm for introducing the brand new varifocal technology from Nikon. We all had a very busy day, with lots of fun along the way….. the carrot cake and chocolate tiffin with a cup of coffee was a perfect way to view the beautiful frames.

Our next promotion in the autumn promises to be just as much fun – let us know if you would like to attend.


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An opportunity to see new innovations at Optrafair 2013.

15 April 2013

The trade exhibition gave us the opportunity to try new products, look at new frame ranges, see different accessories and state-of-the-art instruments.
At the last exhibition in 2011 we purchased the Topcon 3D OCT – those of you who have had the chance to have your retinas photographed and scanned have been most impressed with the technology.
This year we chose to upgrade our test charts to new 3D charts – much fun to be had by the children especially. We look forward to receiving them shortly.
Linda and Vaishali have introduced a bright, fun range of frames from Mexx to the diverse range already stocked in the Practice.
From Nikon we have bought a great new App which now allows us to show you how your finished spectacle lenses will look, and for varifocal wearers the chance to see how the world looks through the different varifocal designs in the Nikon range.
To add to this we are soon to receive a brand new innovation from Nikon which will enable us to take very accurate measurements for complex and varifocal lenses.

All-in-all it was a successful trip to Birmingham NEC.

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Maui Jim Sunglass promotion

09 March 2013

The Maui Jim collection proved to be yet another hit with all the people who attended the promotion. It was also a good reminder of the importance of protecting our eyes both in the summer and the winter.
Most of us wear sunglasses in the warmer summer months, but the winter sun is just as damaging to the eyes, and often more disabling especially when driving due to the sun being low in the sky.

Holly and Peter in their Maui’s enjoying the slopes

At Hynes we offer a variety of good quality sunglasses to suit all ages and budgets, including Maui Jim, Serengeti and Bolle. Do call in and have a look.

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Optometry Giving Sight and Hynes

14 January 2013

Optometry Giving Sight is the Hynes Optometrists charity and over the past few years we have raised over £4000 for this great cause.
Last year we had a coffee morning, a raffle for the children during Halloween and the Christmas Cake raffle – in total we raised over £800.
We were delighted to be awarded the Platinum Award for raising the most money nationally and a mini iPad (donated by Essilor) as a prize.

Georgina Woofrey (left) from Optometry Giving Sight and Andy Hepworth presenting the prize to Joy.


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30 years in Ealing and celebrating.

17 November 2012

30 years ago and fresh behind the ears Colin and myself set up a small house practice in Northfields. Much hard work, commitment and patient loyalty saw the practice grow to its present success. We are proud to serve our local community providing excellent eye care in a caring and trusting environment.
This would not have been possible without the support of our loyal patients, local GPs and great staff.
Our thanks to everyone who joined us on the day to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

It also gave us a great opportunity to congratulate Linda on 20 years and Vaishali on 15 years service with Hynes.

We all look forward to the next 30 years in Northfields!

© 2012 Joy Hynes